Extended parameter handling in ES6

In this article we will cover three new features which give us extended parameter handling. First one is Default   It’s a simple and little addition that makes it much easier to handle function parameters. Functions in JavaScript allow any number of parameters to be passed regardless of the number of declared parameters in the function definition. You probably know commonly seen pattern in current JavaScript code:  


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What is mobile testing?

In this article we are going to turn to mobile testing. If you are a quality assurance engineer having interest in mobile device testing as well as in mobile device application testing, this article will turn out to be a helping guide. Nowadays mobile technology and smart devices are the trend and change the future of the world.  The statistics show that people spend 52% of all time on digital…

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Variables and Constants in ES6

I decided to turn to the theme of how  can we declare variables in . Almost everyone knows that  {var} keyword has been with us since the very beginning of JavaScript. In ES6 we have new ways to declare variables and even constants. If you have any experience with JavaScript, you probably know at least something about variables and scope. We define variable using {var} keyword. var variable = null;…

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Integration of Realm, RxJava and Retrofit in one project

Integration of Realm, RxJava and Retrofit in one project This article is for giving the concept of integrating three most known and used libraries by Android developers – Realm, rxJava and Retrofit. The idea behind this is to generate more precise and clean code, by tying RealmObjects with Retrofit, and handling Retrofit result by rxJava. In case if you are not familiar with early mentioned libraries, you will better to…

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Agile testing

Working under strictly assigned restrictions is not about me.  I guess the same for you.  Having limitations is for everyone, but we need to have enough free in order  to work flexibly. When people discuss agile working they instinctively focus on flexible hours, independent location while working or remote working mode but this approach is not so right. First let’s understand what is agile. Agile endorses the entire team approach where…

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What is Scrum and how to master it

Scrum is one of the Agile development practices today. A large number of organizations worldwide not just those involved in Software and IT, are embracing agile methodologies. Scrum is the most popular among scrum methodologies and Scrum professionals are in great demand. In scrum features are written from the perspective of end user. Features are known as User Stories. The collection of all these user stories is called Product Backlog….

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